The dark side of the braai?

The blistering days of the South African summer are abating as we speak, and you know what that means – rugby season is around the corner, there are plenty of cricket matches in the works, and even if you’re not a sports guy or gal, there will be any of a hundred...

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Post Workout Skincare for Men

For most of us, a new year brings that universal feeling of wanting to take stock and carve out some time to take better care of ourselves. Often this means hitting the gym a few times a week, getting back on the mountain bike or lacing up your running shoes nice and...

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Upgrade Your Skincare Vibe

To inspire you to upgrade your skincare in 2018, we’d like to share a few cool and simple ways in which you can take better care of your skin. It won’t be difficult OR ridiculously expensive, we promise. Eat the rainbow & stay hydrated Happy-looking skin starts from...

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Ditch scary beauty labels – go with the natural stuff!

As we gear up for the yay-let’s-get-dressed-up fanfare of Halloween at the Katavi headquarters, we have been pondering the things that scare us the most. Naturally, snakes, spiders and filling out our tax returns ranked quite heavily, but so did (insert scary-movie...

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Unexpected Skin Sins

At Katavi, we prefer to avoid fearmongering at all costs. There are so many things to worry about on a daily basis that we really don’t want to add to your mental burden. However, we believe it is important to be aware of the unexpected ways toxins can sneak up on...

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